Borderless Thinking


The phrase "borderless thinking" is entitled to mark the philosophy on which the logistic-chain is based. The functionality of the international model is based on a logistic net which is the result of the collaboration of representative offices located in various countries. The slogan "borderless thinking" summarizes those possibilities which are originating from the cooperation of various customs agents divided by borders. Borderless thinking means a throughout knowledge of regulations within the countries, deduction of language barriers as well as developing new services which combine EU regulations with regulations of countries outside of EU. Borderless thinking also means adopting to cultural schemes of different countries and melting these schemes into a common spirit.

How is the logistic net built up? Accelerating chains.

The most essential feature of the logistic net is the integrated database handling within the net. Once a service is given to a transport at any part of the net, all data is automatically forwarded to the office which will provide the next service for the transport. It is also clearly defined which services will be needed at the next point, and which information needs to be obtained until the arrival of the transport. In this way clients have to register only once at any element of the chain and all data is transmitted to a common database.

The more chain is involved in a process the lower the administrative time-loss is: the chain accelerates.