Complementary business scope


Trivum Group has been operating customs broker offices since 1990 on the Hungarian borders. Trivium has an office at each major Hungarian border. Hundreds of truck drivers are using the services of the companies Trivium Kft. and Trivium Szeged Kft. every day.

Competitiveness for a service provider can be kept up only by knowing and fulfilling the needs of the clients. Complementary services are offered to our clients on the borders based on the above mentioned philosophy.

Selling of motorway Vignettes

Buying a vignette for the Hungarian motorways is mandatory for all trucks entering Hungary. Buying the vignette on the Hungarian borders has many comparative advantages.

As result of the technological protocol of the borders all entering or exiting trucks must suffer considerable time-loss. There is a definite need from the truck drivers to use the waiting time suffered on the border to their advantage. To buy the mandatory vignette during the time drivers are waiting on the border is the most beneficial way to do it. Drivers have no problems with paying in a foreign currency and they do not have to stop their journey for the sake of obtaining a vignette.

Exchange of Money

A considerable proportion of the truck drivers arriving to the Hungarian borders are foreign individuals. Not being able to pay in a foreign currency within Hungary is causing many problems for the drivers. Exchanging foreign currency on the border has many comparative advantages.

To exchange money during the time drivers are waiting on the border is the most beneficial way to do it.

Presence of money exchange service on the border is also serving the needs of the various authorities controlling the borders. Fines and penalties set on the borders are very common on the frontiers. According to Hungarian practices the penalties have to be paid in Hungarian forints. Thus firms providing money exchange services are contributing to the efficiency of state regulated administration and helping clients.

Combined transports, ROLA ticket distribution

ROLA is a form of combined transportation in which single trucks, trucks with trailers and semi-trailers travel on a train with special low level wagons. The trucks roll onto the wagons on a mobile ramp and take place on the train along behind one another one by one. The truck drivers travel in a wagon with beds and they can rest during the journey.

Trivium is issuing hundreds of Rola Tickets each months to hauliers.

Selling of Road Stamps

An agreement with the Hungarian Post Office enables Trivium to distribute revenue stamps. Buying revenue stamps on the border is essential since hauliers are paying the Hungarian road tax by buying revenue stamps from the agents.